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Zero-Rating Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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Online application process
1 >Do I have to apply online?
2 >Can I view, download, or print a copy of the standard contracts without going through the application process?
3 >I don't have an e-mail address — can I still apply?
4 >What is the fee to participate?
5 >Why is there a fee to participate?
6 >How do I know if I am authorized to enter the agreement on my organization's behalf?
7 >Can more than one employee or member of my business / organization enter an agreement?
8 >I don't know if my business / organization is incorporated or registered.
9 >My business / organization was incorporated in another country. Are we still eligible?
10 >What if I don't have any official documents (letterhead, bills or statements) identifying the name and address of my business / organization?
11 >I don't have a fax machine. How can I send my official document?
12 >If I select only one type of zero-rated media on my application, can I still buy other zero-rated media royalty free?
13 >How long will it take to process my application?
14 >I lost my temporary application number. What should I do?
15 >I do not have the e-mail message from CPCC that confirmed receipt of my application, and contained my temporary application number and instructions for completing the application process. What should I do?
16 >Can I use my temporary application number to make royalty-free purchases?
17 >I know that my application has been processed by CPCC, but I do not have the e-mail message that contained CPCC's decision. What should I do?
18 >How can I get a copy of my contract?
19 >What if my application is rejected?
20 >I submitted an application but have changed my mind and want to cancel. What should I do?
21 >What if the information I provide about my organization in the application process changes?
22 >How secure is the online application form?
23 >What is CPCC's policy on the privacy of the information I provide in my application?
Making royalty-free purchases
24 >Where can I make royalty-free purchases?
25 >How do I make royalty-free purchases?
26 >What media can I buy royalty free?
27 >Can anyone use my certificate number to purchase media royalty free?
28 >I've lost my certificate number. What should I do?
Online Reporting and Renewal Process
29 >When do I have to report my royalty-free purchases?
30 >What information has to be reported?
31 >How do I submit my report?
32 >How do I renew my contract and certificate number?
33 >What is the fee to renew my contract and certificate number?
34 >I no longer have the email message that contained the link to the on-line reporting form and renewal process. What should I do?
35 >My contract and certificate number have expired. Can I renew them now?
Exemption for the perceptually disabled
36 >Do societies, associations, or corporations that represent the perceptually disabled need certificate numbers to buy zero-rated media royalty free under the program?
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