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23. What is CPCC's policy on the privacy of the information I provide in my application?

CPCC Privacy Policy
for the Zero-Rating Program

CPCC may revise this privacy policy from time and time. Such changes will be posted at the affected website(s).

When and how CPCC collects information about your organization

You may access and read the Canadian Private Copying Collective's ("CPCC") websites without giving CPCC any information that identifies you. However, if your business, non-profit organization, government department, government agency, Crown Corporation or public institution (henceforth, your "Organization") is seeking registration to buy certain blank audio recording media on a royalty-free basis, CPCC will ask you to provide information about your Organization by filling out and submitting an online application form. That form will request certain information about your Organization, including your Organization's name, Canadian mailing address, your name and title, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and other information regarding your Organization and its use of blank audio recording media. It is completely optional for you to fill out the form and/or for your Organization to seek to participate in this program (the "Zero-Rating Program"). Please bear in mind that should you choose not to provide the requested information, it may not be possible for your Organization to participate in the Zero-Rating Program.

Why CPCC collects information about your organization

CPCC collects information in order to determine whether your Organization is eligible to participate in the Zero-Rating Program as well as to record and support your participation in the program. Further, where applicable, your Organization may be required to use a credit card to pay CPCC an administrative fee to be registered in this program, and you may be asked to provide a card number, expiration date and name of the cardholder.

When CPCC discloses information about your organization

CPCC may share this information with third parties contracted by CPCC to store or process your Organization's information. Subject to the terms and conditions of any agreement between your Organization and CPCC, CPCC does not share information about individuals within your Organization or about your credit card details (except as required to process payment or for enforcement of the Zero-Rating Program).

CPCC does not sell lists of individuals' names to any outside establishments.

Personal information

CPCC does not seek to collect personal information through the application form for the Zero-Rating Program. Those seeking registration in the Zero-Rating Program must be Organizations. The name, title and other business information requested in the application process are not gathered, nor does CPCC intend, to collect personal information about you or others in your Organization.

How CPCC protects information

Information collected during the application process by your Organization at the CPCC websites is protected to prevent unauthorized access to it. Click here to learn how. Should any application be abandoned or not accepted, the information provided is eventually erased.

Changing your information

Once your Organization is registered in the Zero-Rating Program, you may (and your Organization will be required to) update and correct any information regarding your Organization provided to CPCC in the application process. Click here to learn how.

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